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Welcome to your new orthodontic home!

We have taken great pains to make sure every aspect of your experience with us is great, from the first phone call with our friendly capable staff & our exceptionally comfortable reception area, to the best possible treatment outcomes! Come for a free consultation to see for yourself!

New stylish office full of comfort!

We are finally moved into our brand new, stylish, state-of-the-art office with all the comforts and added touches to make you welcome and comfortable while you are with us! Come make yourself a beverage, send your kids to the game room while waiting, and enjoy the plush seating in our reception area designed to feel like a stylish comfortable living room rather than a clinic waiting room. For bonding procedures, we have virtual reality headsets to watch movies while we work on your smile.

Minimal or no wait times!

Our new larger office and expanded schedule have enabled us to minimize – or in many cases – eliminate wait times altogether. We pride ourselves on giving you the attention you deserve to get on with your day as quickly as we can while still providing the highest standard of clinical care.

Most advanced technology!

It’s not just about the wait times. We have also added state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best treatment options and treatment times possible. We now have the ability to take pan, ceph, and cone beam imaging in house or provide you with a 3D rendering of your current smile side-by-side with a 3D of what your smile would look like with Invisalign treatment using our iTero scanner. Come say hello and take a peek of our new office today!

Highly Experienced Staff

Our highly experienced staff will guide you through treatment. From the initial consultation, we will never rush, but will sit down with you to thoroughly answer your questions and assess your needs. During each subsequent visit we will get to know you or your child. All the way through to the end of treatment we will guide you through the process. You are in great hands with us!

Consultation and Initial Exam

For your first appointment with us, please bring your insurance card and the following:

Child Health Form or
Adult Health Form

During your consultation and initial exam, Dr. Uhlir will complete a thorough exam and address the following questions:

Is treatment needed now or should treatment be delayed until appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors have occurred?

  • what are the possible treatment options?
  • how long will treatment take to complete?
  • how much will treatment cost and what are my payment options?

If a decision is made that treatment is necessary, we will schedule a records appointment to obtain x-rays (if needed), photographs, and models to help diagnose problems and generate a detailed treatment plan.

Case Presentation and Bonding Appointment

At the case presentation appointment we will discuss your treatment plan in greater detail, what to expect during treatment, answer any remaining questions you might have, and finalize financial arrangements. This is usually the appointment at which we begin treatment.

Treatment Appointments

Patient visits occur every 4-8 weeks during treatment. Each appointment is usually 30-45 minutes long. During these visits, we will evaluate oral hygiene, check appliances for stability, make adjustments to advance treatment, and update patient and/or parent on treatment status.

End of Treatment

Once your smile looks great and your bite is corrected, we will remove braces. You will be given retainers to wear to keep your teeth straight. Instructions will be given for how to care for your retainers and how much you should wear them.

We offer several different payment arrangements to allow any family to fit the cost of orthodontic treatment into their budget.

Our options include:

  • Interest-free in-house financing
  • Courtesy bookkeeping discount for payment-in-full at the start of treatment
  • We offer sibling discounts and discounts for patients who have had previous treatment with us.
  • No down payment financing through LendingClub

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